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    We provide you and your family members with services of Qur'an reading,
    Qur'an learning, Qur'an recitation and holy Qur'an understanding through
    the knowledge and wisdom of our professionally trained holy Qur'an tutors.
  • Sheikh Muhammad Saad Nomani
    Sheikh Muhammad Saad Nomani Madani
    (الشيخ محمد سعد النعماني المدني بن شاهد خليل النعماني),
    is a Miracle reciter of the Qur'an. Sheikh Saad Nomani in Islamic World also
    known for his unique ability to render the recitation of the Qur'an in a manner
    recited by many world famous reciters, or qaris, of the world.
  • By the grace of Allah I happened to take a look at this amazing program,
    alQuranNow, running under the supervision of Sheikh Saad Nomani. May
    Allah bless them who are in charge of this project and make it easy for
    them and accept this humble effort from them. I pray for them. May Allah
    increase this work and make it global, InshaAllah!
    Dr Mohammad Salah
  • "Sheikh Saad Nomani is an amazing reciter . I will highly recommend you
    all to try alquran now.com "
    Junaid Jamshed

Latest News & Events

  • 23 Oct

    alQur'anNow.com is providing Free Presentation classes to the new students, please register with us for your Presentation classes.

  • 11 Jan

    We are pleased to announce the development and completion of the new website design. Please give us any feedback that you might have!

Sheikh Qari Saad Nomani


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Our Vision & Mission

Al Quran Now strongly believes in the spread of Islamic knowledge in the most positive light. We envision a highly educated Islamic society in the future and in order to acquire that it is very important to spread the light of the Quran in every corner of the world where Muslims reside.

Latest Technology

With the world moving into a modern era each day, technology is developing along with it and is by far the most important thing in our daily lives. So why not use it for this beneficial purpose as well? AlQuranNow makes use of the latest and most advanced technology in order to keep us running and always available to serve those in pursuit of knowledge.

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Free Quran Learning Material

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3 day free trial period

No admission/registration fee

Latest internet technology.

Scheduling of classes according to your convenience


  • AlQuranNow.com has been a really big help for me since I am not living anywhere near the Muslim culture and it becomes difficult to teach your kids the right Islam. AlQuranNow.com helped me through that and now my children can recite the Qur'an perfectly.

    Junaid SaleemUnited States

  • Very helpful and educated teachers. I am glad I found AlQuranNow.com to help me complete my Qur'an study at the age of 40. Couldn't have asked for more from Allah.

    Ali YaqoobUnited Arab Emirates

  • It was thrilled when I learned that Sheikh Saad Nomani had his own academy that taught the Qur'an. I was overly delighted and enrolled my children the instant I heard about it and I am proud that I did so.

    Bilal KhanUnited Kingdom

  • I would highly recommend AlQuranNow.com to all those who have been having trouble while living abroad and are not able to send their children to the Islamic schools due to distances and weather issues. All your troubles have answers here.

    Sajid IqbalGermany

  • AlQuranNow.com's donation program is a huge comfort. Even though I was not able to afford my sister's Qur'an education, AlQuranNow.com offered me their hadiya program and my sister was able to study the Qur'an the best way possible within the range of my modest income.

    Abdul RehmanPakistan

How it works

We have good news for you! alQuranNow has broken away from the pre-historic mode of communication now.
We are proud to announce that alQuranNow now offers you to take classes right through here.
All you gotta do is install an app and we are good to go.


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