Frequently Asked Questions

We are one of the leading online Qur'an and Arabic learning institute; we offer full time, part time and weekend courses for adult and children alike. We excel because we design our teaching methods keeping in line with the changing trends of the day utilizing state-of-the-art technology for uninterrupted classes.

You can register on our website by giving us some of your basic information like your Name, Contact number, Age etc..

For online classes you just need a working computer with an internet connection.

You need to do a quick and easy installation of the app, 'WizIQ'. Once it has been downloaded in to your system, you can start having your classes right away through the alQuranNow website itself. You will see that the app is available in 3 formats. iOS, android and Desktop. Choose and install the one through which you plan to take your classes.

You can find the links to install this software in many places around this website.
• Find it on the page where your system requirements are being checked
• Find it on the top of this page
• Also, here is a link (if you want to provide a link)

Once you log in to your account at alQuranNow.com and go to your schedule, you will see a timer running notifying you on the amount of time left until your next class starts. As soon as the timer ends, click on the 'start class now' button that appears. If you already have the WizIQ software installed into your system, it will pop up and the class will start. If not, then it will work in your browser. However, we would still recommend you to download the application as that would make classes run smooth for you.

Your payments will be done via PayPal online and you can pay us by using your Debit or Credit card.

Hadiya depends on your selected plan and every month the payment will be done in advance.

Yes, you can select consecutive days of your own choice.

It depends from where we begin the lesson, if a student is good in TAJWEED and we conduct his/her classes from the beginning of Holy Quran from the day first then it will take approximately 8-11 months for complete recitation of Holy Quran.

Our teachers have complete hold of teaching students in different languages and they are absolutely perfect for teaching Arabic to English (Translation and Explanation), Arabic to Urdu (Translation and Explanation) and Arabic to Arabic (Translation and Explanation).

Students will be qualified for online classes should be minimum of "4 years" of age and maximum of "80 years" of age.

We provide special trainings to our teachers to teach kids online, first of all we prefer a kid to learn basic fundamentals of ISLAM like: Namaz, Roza, Kalimas , Azan, Zakat etc, and then we educate them about rules, Nazra and Tajweed before the recitation of Holy Quran.

Yes, we have female teachers for online teaching and we can provide female teacher as per student's request.